Occupational safety, hot work & road safety training in Russian

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Training in Russian and English in Finland, Scandinavia and north-western Russia


Occupational safety card

100 € + VAT / person

Hot work license

115€ + VAT / person

Road safety card

xxx€ + VAT / person
We provide training i English as well as in Russian.

Savarus trains experts in Russian

Savarus is a team of Russian-speaking professionals who train experts in the following fields: occupational safety card, hot work license and road safety card. Training can be held in Russian in Finland, other Northern countries and north-western Russia.

Any employer of Finland and/or Sweden, when hiring new employees, can demand that they should complete a occupation safety course in the work place and get a green card (työturvallisuuskortti), and/or a safety course during fire work and get a grey card (tulityökortti). Thus, availability of these cards is your advantage over other candidates even before you are hired. These cards also allow a student to have practical training on a production plant.

How we work:


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